Ser Oberyn Whalen

A man of 32, sometimes called Dread Whalen. Youngest brother of Lord Tomnat Whalen. Captain of Direwood Keep's forces.


Name: Ser Oberyn Whalen
Stock: Human
Age: 32
Lifepaths: 5
Alias: Dread Whalen
Homeland: The North
Features: Close-cropped graying, brown hair, blue eyes.

1) My house, my family, are my life. I will serve them with loyalty and honor.
2) My wife deserves real justice. Horus Bolton will die by my hand.
3) The Night’s Watch is all that stands against the darkness. I will aid them the best I can.
4) Light Lantern- Lead by example. Be the best in all things.

1) I always practice with my men in the morning.
2) My son is always in the care of someone I trust.
3) I always conduct myself with honor and dignity.

Die Traits: Mark of Privilege; Sworn Homage
Call-On Traits: Inspirational; Fortitude; Savvy

Horus Bolton- Hateful
Martyn Whalen- Son
Matthew Whalen- Uncle

Gear, Possessions and Property
RotM Sword; RotM Light Mail (chest); RothM Gambeson (arms, legs); Avalanche (warhorse); Clothing; Finery; Boots; Traveling Gear; Wedding Ring; Small Cottage

Will- B5; Perception- B4; Power- B5; Forte- B5; Agility- B4; Speed- B4

Health- B6; Reflexes- B4; Steel- B7; Mortal Wound- B11; Hesitation- 5; Circles- B2; Resources- B3

Riding- B4; Sword- B5; Mounted Combat Training; Command- B5; Armor Training; Strategy- B5; Field Dressing- B3; Conspicuous- B4; Read- B3; Write- B4; Lance- B4; Etiquette- B4; Oratory- B5; Intimidation- B4; Haggling- B3; Brawling- B3; Hunting- B4; Tactics- B4; Survival- B4; Estate Management- B3


Born the third son to Lord Jon Whalen, Oberyn was never likely to be lord of Direwood Keep. Instead he was taught from an early age the value of loyalty to ones family and liege lord. He was taught about the importance of honor. At age eight, at the invitation of Lord Stark himself, Oberyn was sent to foster at Winterfell and act and page and then squire for Lord Stark’s son, Thoren Stark. It was here that Oberyn met and fell in love with Lord Stark’s youngest daughter, Tarya. Having grown close to Thoren, Oberyn told him of his feelings. While comfortable with the idea, Thoren advised him to wait until he had earned his title before asking Lord Stark for her hand.

It was around this time that the Dance of Dragons broke out and all of Westeros was swept up into the Targaryen siblings battle for the Iron Throne. Oberyn traveled south with Thoren and fought beside him, earning his nickname, Dread Whalen, for his prowess in combat. It was on the battlefield that he earned his knighthood from Lord Stark after taking three arrows defending an unhorsed Thoren. Once the war was over and he had returned to Winterfell, he planned to finally ask for Tarya’s hand in marriage. The raven from home ended that plan. Both Tomnat and Ulrik had fallen during the war and he was now Lord Jon’s sole heir. With leave from Lord Stark and a bitter goodbye to Tarya, Oberyn returned home to Direwood Keep to take council with his father and begin to the learn the responsibilities of being a lord. It was at this time as well, in order to strengthen and alliance between House and Whalen and House Karstark, that Oberyn wed Brienna Karstark. Though they initially felt nothing for each other, both came to love the other and it wasn’t long before Brienna was with child. Martyn Whalen came into the world three weeks before Lord Jon Whalen passed away from a flux in his lungs. Oberyn was now lord of Direwood Keep.

Six months passed with Oberyn ruling Direwood Keep as best be could. Then, one day, Tomnat Whalen returned home. Overjoyed that his brother was alive, Oberyn had a feast in his honor. It was here that Tomnat requested his birthright, the lordship of Direwood Keep. Oberyn consented but requested that Tomnat make him captain of Direwood Keep’s military, a request Tomnat agreed to.

Things ran smoother with Tomnat as lord and House Whalen’s troops became something to fear and respect under Oberyn’s leadership.

Ser Oberyn Whalen

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